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I'll be going and it'd be awesome to meet some of you! xD

Commissions are finally here!

I’m broke as FUQ and need DAT CASH. Note me a commission, ya’ll! :kiss:


Prices! (All in USD)

*Prices in parenthesis are per each additional character added to the picture.

Busts (Shoulders/Breast up)

Sketch $5         (+$3)

Clean Lines $8 (+$5)

Flat Colors $10 (+$7)

Full Color $15  (+10)

Half Bodies (Knee/Waist Up)

Sketch $10         (+$7)

Clean Lines $15 (+$10)

Flat Colors $20  (+$15)

Full Color $30    (+$20)

Full Bodies

Sketch $15         (+$10)

Clean Lines $20 (+$15)

Flat Colors $25  (+$20)

Full Color $35    (+$30)

Adding Backgrounds

Sketch +$5-25

Clean Lines +$8-30

Flat Colors +$10-40

Full colors +$15-50

Because backgrounds can really consist of anything (forest, beach, buildings, desert, bedroom, etc..), it’s harder to determine a price. The price will depend on the detail and complexity of the backgrounds desired, and I’ll be as fair as possible with this price. :D

Also, pictures without backgrounds if wanted I’ll add a little colorful background to the picture (or I’ll just add one if I think it fits!) free of charge! These backgrounds will just be some splashes of color to make the pictures pop! :D




NSFW commissions will all have a small fee of $5 dollars. Nude pictures won’t fall under this category, but as the request become more explicit in nature, the fee will come into play.

Will Do:


Antro (Furries)

Fan Art


And more! Just ask if you’re not sure.


Won’t Do:



Super Realism

Mecha/Complex Machinery

Hate Art (racism, homophobic, etc)

Loli/Shota/Pedo Porn


I’m pretty open for most things, but if you’re not sure, ask me! We’ll discuss it over notes. :D If I’m not comfortable with it I will kindly decline and give you a chance to request something else.


Important Rules and Information

    1.       I take payment upfront before any commission after we negotiate what the commission will consist of through notes. I start drawing when I get the payment. Please put your DeviantArt screen name in the payment notes so that I can tell where the payment is coming from!

    2.       I will only take payments from Paypal. I absolutely DO NOT take DA points as payment. I’m sorry. I can’t use DA points to pay bills and buy groceries. >n<

    3.       Please have your descriptions and refs ready before you ask for a commission. If you do not have these ready, and someone else does, I may pass you and give the slot to someone who is prepared. Please try to be as detailed and specific as possible when making a commission with me. So that you get what you want, and I know what you want.

    4.       DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE OR RESELL MY ART. YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION. My commissions are for personal use only, not commercial uses. Please DO NOT post my pictures elsewhere, DO NOT claim my artwork as your own, DO NOT sell it or make a profit off of it in any way.

    5.       I have the right to refuse a request at any time. If I refuse to do a request from you, I may just tell you to give me a more acceptable request or tell you upfront I cannot take a request from you. Please do not pester me. If I said no in the beginning, I’m not going to change my mind randomly because you asked me a million times. The best thing that will come out of you being unnecessarily persistent is me blocking the shit out of you. Please, don’t do that.

    6.       Prices are subject to change at any time.

    7.       If you would like to showcase my art, please credit me, link back to my original piece in my gallery, use only thumbnails, DO NOT post in your own gallery. If you’d like to feature my art, please do so in a journal or a feature widget on your front page. Posting it to your own gallery dismisses all the hard work and time put into the artwork by me (the original artist) and makes it seem like you are the artist. All the rightful views, comments, and favs should be on the original piece in my gallery. Any artist would agree that it’s a crappy experience for someone to gain all the praise for the hard work put into a piece they worked on themselves. Please be mindful of that.

    8.       I have the rights to use any commission I make in any way I please. Though all OCs and characters involved will belong to their rightful owners. I will not make any profits off of the pictures including your own OCs other than from you the buyer of said picture. I will, however, use these pictures to promote my artwork. :meow:


Refund Policy

I do not take refunds. If you are unhappy with what you receive, I am sorry, but I can only make small edits such as color fixes. Please understand, that every piece of art I create, takes a lot of time and energy. I will give you my 110% on each picture I create. If you want major edits, a fee will be added.

The only case which I will offer a refund is if I am unable to finish a picture for whatever reason.


Slots (3 Avaliable)!

    1.      :iconakelkok: PENDING...

    2.       EMPTY

    3.       EMPTY

Starting out with 3 slots. May later open more if I feel comfortable with the amount of work and the time I have to do them. :heart:


Full Body Full Color = $35
Amethyst - Beach Party Outfit by HotPinkSexFiend

Full body sketch with two people + moderate background = $35
Some Like It Rough - Sketch by HotPinkSexFiend

Full body lineart with two people + moderate background = $50

Some Like It Rough - Lineart by HotPinkSexFiend

Full body flat colors with two people + moderate background = $65

Some Like It Rough - Flat Colors by HotPinkSexFiend

Fully body full colors with two people + moderate background = $95

Some Like It Rough by HotPinkSexFiend

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Sorry, I just haven't been getting on DA as much lately. xC
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I think I'd be more active if my computer was better, cuz then I could stream again! Streaming kind of keeps me productive somehow! I miss streaming and hanging out with you and the others. xD
It was so fun! ♥

I hope in a month or so to get my computer so I can start streaming again. It would be awesome.
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I know how you feel! D;

For real! Streams were crazy! I can't wait till I get a better computer so we can all get together again.

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